NXT Level Productions Promotional Video

About PocoVideos
I’m Joe. I’m a video editor with the experience and skills necessary to get your projects done on time and under budget. Specializing in short (“poco”) promotional videos.
Self-taught. Self-trained. Formal education including an A+ Certification in information technology. Veteran of U.S. Air Force as a calibration technician.
This unique mix of technical skills, attention to detail and an instinct for creativity make me a valuable asset to any organization. This enables me to understand projects in detail, and thus deliver them efficiently, accurately, and within budget.
The example here is a promotional video for Ben David Garza’s NXT Level Productions. Mr. Garza produces a variety of projects: music, video, art and theater. Here I combined art and video which I had been supplied. More samples of my portfolio can be found by clicking here and I can be reached at joe@pocovideos.com.