Odds And Ends

Well I managed to survive the arctic weather here in Chicago despite having to abandon my living room/office to the cold, as the insulation on the windows wasn’t up to the task of double-digit sub-zero temperatures. I have some projects to work on over the next few days so that will cut into posting time, but as pertains to the title of this blog, it’s all stuff that seems pretty obvious to me anyway.

One of the things I managed to do during the cold was to catch up on Sherlock, the BBC’s brilliant new take on the world’s most famous detective. It wasn’t difficult to get caught up with the entire series, as there aren’t that many episodes, but I highly recommend it for anyone who hasn’t already seen it.

But the time away from the computer gave me also time to think about other things, new creative ventures I want to undertake. I am going to have some news tomorrow concerning my play Spaced (link above), but it’s high time I wrote something more original, or at least something not completely derivative. My original idea was a comedy called Here Comes Everything! but so far all I have is a title. I should read some Oscar Wilde for inspiration. Maybe some Doug Adams as well, and by the way, the Dirk Gently BBC series based on Adam’s “Holistic Detective” was also very good…

Meanwhile, I have projects to work on so that’ll be all for tonight. But I felt the need to post something so people wouldn’t think I was neglecting the blog!


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