Promotional Videos

Promotional video for the play “Bloody Haymarket” directed by Eric Coleman and produced by Ben David Garza. In this I used not just titling and editing and manipulation of graphic images, but also edited and adapted audio for effect.

This promo for the play
“Shift Faced” was one of the
earlier videos I produced.

Promotional video for the musical “Upstairs”, produced by Wayne Self, about the tragic 1973 arson of the Upstairs Lounge in New Orleans

I’ve done several videos for Vicki Quade of Nuns4Fun Entertainment. In some cases I recorded the performances in others I edited video that had been given to me.

For Fun Projects
Most of the stuff I do I do for the sheer enjoyment of it. That’s where I honed my craft. Here’s a sample of the work I’ve been doing over the last ten years or so:

Gene Wilder As Dr. Who
Based on an idea I saw online: what if the long-running British scifi show Dr. Who, where the title role has been played by several actors, had been done in America instead? I decided to put together what the potential opening theme would look like for some of the suggestions.

Home Movies
My father was also somewhat of a videographer, we have family home movies going back to 1959. My sister and brother digitized the film, I used it to make several music videos using the footage. This one obviously focuses on growing up in New York City.

The Best Travel Show Ever Show
This was the first full episode of something I ever edited: I filmed some of it myself but mainly I used footage shot by others.

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